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A shared passion for design and architecture brought us together. We develop projects with a touch of modernism and elegance for residential and commercial properties in the UK and globally worldwide.

We have international experience in creating architectural, residential, and commercial designs, interior designs, lighting designs, landscaping, and especially bespoke joinery and furniture designs across all stages of project management. 

Clients can expect friendly service, but beyond that, experience has taught us that taking the time to understand their needs and aspirations means we can deliver an elegant and functional design that best matches their requirements and exceeds their expectations.

We have international experience in architectural, residential, and commercial interior design, lighting, landscaping, bespoke joinery and designed furniture.


ROSSI + MORE designs timeless projects that match our clients' personalities.

We are experts in spatial planning and provide complete detailed drawing packages, so that clients can execute the project with ease and convenience.

From initial briefing to final design, we work with our clients closely to create stylish living spaces that more than meet their requirements.


Carolina E. Moreira

Architect & Designer

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Ilíada Rossi

Interior Designer

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