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ROSSI + MORE design timeless projects, with attention to every detail and our client's personality.

We are experts in spatial planning and provide complete detailed drawing packages, so the client can execute the project with ease in the time that would be convenient.

From the brief to the final design stage, we work together to ensure that we meet all of the clients' expectations and needs.

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The briefing is one of the most important phases of the design process.


It's our first contact with the client and it helps us to know better and understand all his expectations, personality and needs.

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It's the first presentation of all our ideas of the concept designs, after understanding and interpreting the detailed brief. This is a very collaborative stage, and we invite our clients to co-work with us, giving as much feedback as possible to ensure we are delivering his expectations.

Rossi + More understands that for some clients, it's sometimes difficult to visualise the design concept in the space only with mood boards or floor plans.

​Thinking about this, we offer a unique visualisation service. We present 3D rendering images of the room for a perfect understanding of all the furniture, textures, colour palette and lighting design of the ambience with reality.

Floor plans of the general layout and space planning, together with the illustrating of the proposed furniture layouts in a mood board, are also part of this stage.

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Having approved all of the concept we will progress to the final design development and detailing.
All final bespoke furniture, joinery and interior architecture drawings will be presented, along with all final finishes, art and accessories for the client's approval. 
At this stage, we will also present our final 3D rendered images of the space and a fully itemised breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget. 

Any adjustments will be made accordingly before sign-off.

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Our "IN RO+M" service, we offer an assessment for all general spaces in your house.

We will provide space planning, reorganising and often incorporating your existing furniture and accessories, with the outcome of a well-thought design with harmony and respecting the circulations spaces and your budget.

Our work can range from simple in-store advice to a comprehensive home-visit service.

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