AREA: 100m2



There were many challenges in this commercial design.

First of all, was to planned an efficient layout that could suit many different activities and uses in just one room like a hairdresser, a lingerie shop, a beauty shop, a jewellery shop, a massage therapist room and an area for storage.


The layout was developed around the main reception that separates the uses and also to led efficiently the customer for the desired use.


Following that, another important thing to be thought was related to privacy. We needed to offer them a comfortable place to not been watching from outside, through the big windows at the hairdresser area and especially when in the lingerie session.


Big moving displays with double design (outside and inside) was created, with etched glass between the woodwork panels. It allows better use of the available space and efficient exchange of products or posters, giving privacy without blocking the entrance of natural light.


Another challenge in a commercial project must be to highlight the product being displayed. We need to provide proper lighting to semi-precious jewellery without damaging the products and of course,  think about the economy, another important factor to be considered. It was resolved with the use of LED. 

The neutral colour LEDs arranged in wallboard niches combined with the "blush" pink colour in the background, provides an area of emphasis and beauty to the store while highlighting the jewellery.

Wallboard niches combined with the "blush" pink colour in the background and the bespoke joinery.

Main window with a moving display panel 

Bespoke joinery  

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