| Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil 


Karnopp Imoveis Booth Designs for Oktoberfest Festival.

Among the options provided by the Festival organizer, we opted for the cleanest booth. Sandblasted adhesives were applied on the lateral panels and on walls of the meeting room.

LED spotlighting emphasizes the large mockup model and the panels with adhesives. We chose red to match the client's logo. This darker background helped to highlight their new developments.

​A white wooden flowerpot was created, surrounding the entire base of the red internal walls, and including indirect lighting. The LED strip lights value ​​the "moreia" plants (dietes iridioides) and highlight the green color, counterbalancing with the complementary color red. 



Booth: F. Stands

Led Tecnologia

Carpentry: Jairo Heck

Plants with indirect light

The red adhesive wall

Original project from F. Stands